Friday, March 4, 2011

Tickle Therapy

Talk about something different! I've been under a great deal of stress at work and was telling my friend who is a massage therapist. He told me he had several clients who requested tickle therapy, basically where they are tied, helpless to a bed. and tickled continuously for half an hour. He told me that the intense laughter created endorphins and such. Because I am so insanely ticklish I was naturally sceptical and told him that it sounded like unbearable torture.
"If I do it right it will be!" he replied, promising that I would laugh the stress out of me.
Finally he talked me into it. He tied me tightly to a bed and covered me in massage oil that "would make my skin more sensitive to his touch."

He began to massage my ribcage and I instantly started screaming with laughter and begging him to stop. "Not for half an hour, I need to get your body into a state of complete hysteria."

Well to make a long story short, it was the most unbearable torture I have ever experienced. I was still laughing when he untied me, but have to admit that he tickled my stress right out of me and it hasn't returned!

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  1. Very cute photos! The famous Yaqi tickle torture! Looks like you handled it well.